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Webinar for International Students Exploring Tomorrow’s Opportunities in Bioeconomy: Insights from the BIOBec Project 

By December 20, 2023February 5th, 2024News

Wednesday, January 17, 2024. 11 AM-12 PM (CET)


The BIObec project aims to develop a method that serves as a framework for Bio-Based Education Centres (BBECs). These centres address, with a multi-level view, the present and future needs of industry and of the surrounding ecosystem in each region. A BBEC is an educational centre that gives training to many different profiles having in mind the present and future challenges detected by the bio-based industries. They have a regional scope, so they can adapt to the reality of the territory where they are located. 

Join us to explore how the BIOBEC Project is reshaping education to drive the growth of Europe’s bioeconomy. Discover successful BBEC implementations and explore opportunities for collaboration and replication across EU regions. The EU funded BIObec project developed plans for six regional bio-based education centres (BBECs). These BBECs address the present and future needs of the industry in each region and provide key links between education, innovation and industry.   


11:00-11:10 -Introduction (10 minutes) 

11:10-11:40 – BBECs unique concepts (30 minutes maximum): 

What does bioeconomy mean in the six different BBECs? Meet the leaders of our six Bioeconomy-Based Education Centers (BBECs)  and hear about practical examples of the bioeconomy in each region. Meet the leaders of our six BBECs: Lina Mayorga (German), Katri Rusanen (Finnish), Knud Rybirk (Danish), Fiona Scott-Hayward (Irish), George Sakellaris (Central Eastern Europe), and Giacomo Rinaldi (Mediterranean).  

11:40-12:00 – Q&A Session (20 minutes): 

Whether you’re a student curious about your role in a sustainable future or a teacher eager to enrich your curriculum, this is your opportunity to gain insights directly from the experts. 

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