The ABBEE (Accelerating the transition towards the Bio-Based Economy via Education) project aims to enhance Europe’s competitive position in the field of bio-based economy and prepare students for their future in a bio-based economy by improving education and facilitating innovation.


BIOVOICES ensures the engagement of all relevant stakeholder groups through a platform, that involves a plurality of voices with different perspectives, knowledge, and experiences whilst also animating open dialogue, co-creation and mutual learning between them.


BLOOM will develop five hubs in different regions in Europe that form communities of practice involving regional triple helix partners and other bioeconomy stakeholders and aimed at increasing public engagement in bioeconomy.


GRACE is demonstrating large-scale miscanthus and hemp production on land with low productivity, contaminated or abandoned soil. The goals of the project are to produce sustainable products with a strong market potential, to guarantee a reliable and affordable supply of sustainably produced biomass, and to better link biomass producers with the processing industry.


IBISBA is a European distributed network of research facilities to provide innovation services and accelerate translation of bioscience research into industrial applications. IBISBA provides access to specialised research facilities for industrial biotechnology professionals.


LIFT mapped and facilitated the dialogue and discussion among existing projects and initiatives in 11 topical categories, including Bioeconomy Education and Bioeconomy awareness and Communication.


The MPowerBIO project will obtain feedback from clusters, SMEs and investors on the concrete challenges regarding investments and build an online platform containing digital tools for evaluating investment readiness, as well as online training modules to build the capacity of clusters to train their SME members.


Biobridges project CONNECTS, FACILITATES and SUPPORTS the collaboration among BRANDS, BIO-BASED INDUSTRIES and CONSUMERS aiming to improve the marketability and market acceptance of bio-based products (BBPs).


NEXTFOOD will challenge the linear view of knowledge transfer as a top-down process from research to advice and practice, and support the transition to more learner centric, participatory, action-based and action-oriented education and learning in agrifood and forestry systems.