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BIObec and its Contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals

By April 19, 2023News

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, which was ratified by all UN Member States in 2015, offered a common road map for peace and prosperity for people and the environment in the present and the future. The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), an urgent call for action by all nations in a global partnership, are at the centre of it. Ending poverty, enhancing health and education, reducing inequality, and promoting economic growth are all goals that should be pursued while addressing climate change and protecting the environment.

Since September 2021, BIObec is working to unlock the full potential of the bioeconomy and its value chains, through a collaborative perspective that allows the development of new skills, educational approaches, and organisational solutions to provide education and training services. To this end, the BIObec project seeks to create a new generation of multi-level Bio-Based Education Centers (BBEC), flexible enough to answer the present and future needs of the industry and of the surrounding ecosystem at local, regional, national and/or international levels.

The Contribution of BIObec to the Sustainable Development Goals

The work of BIObec is close to three of the 17 SDGs, especially:

  • SDG 4. QUALITY EDUCATION. BIObec’s main objective is to provide high-quality education and training pathways that match the requests from the bio-based industry and human capacity building.
  • SDG 5. GENDER EQUALITY. BIObec aims to understand how gender differences affect the economy’s educational pathways, both in terms of content and attractiveness of educational careers.
  • SDG 8. DECENT WORK & ECONOMIC GROWTH. In BIObec, the BBECs are intended as centres providing education and training services for a wide range of users, with a focus on the present and future bio-economy workforce. These services are a prior thought to fully unlock the economy that offers great potential for the creation of sustainable jobs and economic growth, in line with the European Green Deal strategy.

The BIObec initiative is evolving 19 partners, which are leaders in Bioeconomy Education from different perspectives (ranging from academia to industry) together with a wide network and local stakeholders based in the EU.

This network will pave the way for the implementation and replication of the BBEC, in order to boost the contribution of the education sector to the development of the bioeconomy.

The project will design 6 BBEC pilots assuring a wide geographical coverage in Europe and addressing different topics linked to the variety of value chains and institutional contexts, such as university, production, business, and society sides, aiming to maximise the synergies between them at the European and international level.

More information about Sustainable Development Goals

The UN releases its annual SDG Progress report each year, which was created in collaboration with the UN System and is based on the global indicator framework, data from national statistical systems, and regional data collection. For more information, you could also read the latest SDG Progress Report (2022)

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