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BIOBEC as a speaker in an international workshop organised by the ICA

By May 16, 2023News

BIObec’s Project Polish partner Fundacja Edukacji i Dialogu Społecznego Pro Civis represented the BIObec Project through the participation of its Project Coordinator, Damian Kuznowicz.

There, he had the opportunity to showcase the BIObec project and the initial outcomes for the potential Central Eastern Europe BIObec Education Centre.

About the ICA-CoP Bio-Edu Community of Practice for Bioeconomy Education Workshop 2023

Within this framework, Kuznowicz shared the floor with several experts from across Europe, during the event, celebrated from 26 to 28 of April, which has the following goals:

Recognise and examine the gap between the expectations of graduates and industry on the working ethos of the bioeconomy industries.

Identify the generic competencies required by graduates for careers in the Bioeconomy.

Recognise the need to embed the mindset for the Bioeconomy in our graduates – referring to the Colloquium in 2022.

Exchange good practices in realising cooperation between representatives of employers and educational institutions to improve the engagement of industry employees in curricula at VET, Bachelor, and Master education levels.

Examine how to develop life-long learning cooperation between employers and educational institutions in support of up-skilling industry employees for the bioeconomy.

BIObec as a trend in approaching Education and Bioeconomy

Damian Kuznowic, from the Fundacja Edukacji i Dialogu Społecznego Pro Civis, took the floor during the workshop’s first session, entitled “Bridges between the bio-based industry and the Bioeconomy education system – the BioBec project”.

In the words of Damian Kuznowicz:BIObec aims to build bridges between the bio-based industry and the education system by interlinking universities, innovation labs, and R&D centres with industrial actors and regions. Within this framework, Poland has an excellent opportunity to embrace its Bioeconomy potential through a new way to close Innovation and Education”.

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