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BIObec participates in Gen B, the European Bioeconomy Workshop in Greece

By February 27, 2023May 4th, 2023Events, News

BIObec project was one of the key players involved in the GenB Common Ground Camp, a two-day workshop to promote bioeconomy practices in formal and non-formal education from Europe. Giacomo Marina Rinaldi, PhD student at the University of Bologna and member of the coordinator’s team of the project, showcased the evolution of BIObec and the milestones achieved until now.

The aim of the workshop was to facilitate the exchange of information, best practices, and thoughts in order to obtain new insights on teaching, both learning and spreading the word about bioeconomy. The event involved many inspirational speakers who presented their experiences and projects in bioeconomy education and training.

Genb B CGC Workshop hosted key European actors

Athens (Greece) was the chosen city for this relevant meeting that hosted many participants from all around Europe on February 21st; including education experts, pedagogues, academia and NGO representatives, as well as public and private agencies officers.

Education and knowledge transfer are key to accelerating the development of the bio-based industry and very relevant to enhance networking and collaboration of all the actors involved. From BIObec, we are carrying out several actions to build bridges between industry and universities, innovation labs, R&D centers, and experts across Europe”, Giacomo Maria Rinaldi stated.

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