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BIObec Best Practices and Success Cases in BBEC Design interactive webinar

By February 13, 2024February 14th, 2024News

The main focus of the webinar is understanding BBEC (Biobased Education Centers), covering its definition, significance in promoting a biobased economy and sustainability, and design principles. The webinar also discusses best practices, success stories, risks, and lessons learned from BBECs in various regions including Germany, Ireland, Denmark, Finland, and Central East Europe. Following this, there’s a Q&A session for participants to engage, followed by closing remarks.

Moderator: Rocío Garcialonso (SIE)

Welcome and Introduction

Brief overview of the webinar objectives and agenda

Introduction to the moderator

Understanding BBEC: Overview and Key Concepts

Definition and significance of BBEC (Biobased Education Centers)

Explanation of the role of BBEC in promoting biobased economy and sustainability

Overview of the BBEC design principles

German BBEC, Irish BBEC, Danish BBEC, Finnish BBEC and Central East Europe: Best Practices, Success Stories, Risks and Lessons Learned

Q&A Session

Closing Remarks

Friday, February 24 at 11 AM CET 


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