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Agriculture, food and the bioeconomy – Event

By October 6, 2022May 4th, 2023Events, News

On September 29, Giacomo Rinaldi, Ph.D. Student in Agricultural and Food Economics and Policy at the University of Bologna, attended OpenDISTAL, an event organized by the Department of Agri-food Sciences (DISTAL) of the University of Bologna.

There, the BIObec project had the opportunity to be shared and discussed during one of the sessions of this intensive info-day. In particular, the project was part of a session entitled “Agriculture, food and the bioeconomy: reflections ten years after the European Communication on the Bioeconomy.”

The session was a great success for the audience, with the room full of participants. Moreover, the good balance of concepts on the Bioeconomy and practical examples provided by representatives of different companies stimulated those present to ask questions and interact. Consistent with the purpose of the session, it is possible to say that the event was a further step toward the engagement of stakeholders and citizens in the Bioeconomy.

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